Angelina Jolie, renowned for her acting prowess and humanitarian work, has been a prominent figure in Hollywood for decades. Beyond her celebrity status, she also comes from a lineage of Hollywood royalty, with a family history deeply rooted in the entertainment industry.

While Angelina’s own success has brought her worldwide acclaim, her inheritance also includes a complex tapestry of familial ties, cultural influences, and personal challenges.

Born on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, Angelina Jolie is the daughter of esteemed actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand. Her father, Jon Voight, is an Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in classics like “Midnight Cowboy” and “Coming Home.”

From a young age, Angelina was exposed to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, as well as the demands and expectations that come with being part of a renowned showbiz family.

However, her parents’ tumultuous relationship and subsequent divorce when she was just a toddler marked the beginning of a turbulent personal journey.

As Angelina Jolie’s own career took off, she became an international superstar, earning an Academy Award for her role in “Girl, Interrupted” and starring in blockbuster hits like “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

Beyond her acting, she made a name for herself as a humanitarian, becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and later serving as a Special Envoy.

Her commitment to global issues, including refugee rights and gender equality, has cemented her legacy as a socially conscious celebrity with a profound impact beyond the silver screen.

Angelina Jolie’s inheritance is not just about Hollywood fame; it encompasses a complex blend of familial history, personal triumphs, and a tireless dedication to making the world a better place.

Angelina Jolie allegedly laid out the details of her inheritance, showing that she plans to give only one of her six children—her son Maddox—with her $116 million fortune.

As a token of appreciation for helping her get through her divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has chosen to give her entire wealth to her son Maddox. Jolie was disappointed that just one of her six children actually helped her get a divorce.

According to those close to the Jolie/Pitt family, Brad is upset with Jolie for treating Maddox like her “Golden Child” and keeping the other kids out of her money.

Angelina Jolie Plans To Leave Son Maddox Millions Ignoring Other 5 Children, Jolie ultimately decided to leave Maddox her business out of loyalty.

“Brad is in an incredible rage and ready to be tied over Angie’s moves,” the insider said. They finally appeared to have struck a divorce agreement. But he wasn’t expecting this Maddox situation.

Jolie reportedly divorced Pitt in September 2016 after becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his parenting approach. The information was supposedly made public after Brad, Angie, and Maddox were involved in an unpleasant event that resulted in one of the most heated celebrity divorces and child custody battles in recent memory for the family.

Jolie claims that during the dispute, Pitt assaulted Maddox. After an investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, no charges were filed. According to a family member, Angelina’s failure to correct the record has particularly angered Brad, who is allegedly still quite angry about the entire situation.

According to the acquaintance, Brad thinks that his other children are receiving unfair treatment and that he will not stand for it.

Brad Pitt was enraged by Angelina Jolie’s choice to exclude Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and the 10-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. Brad thinks it’s improper to give Maddox total power.

According to the insider, Maddox supported his mother during the divorce, and she has since named him CEO of her movie studio.

Brad believes she needs to be reminded of her other five children even if he may be her “golden boy.”

Pitt and Jolie will certainly argue vehemently over their children’s wellbeing for years to come if this accusation proves to be true.