A Rough Start

It can be hard to imagine, but before Justin Bieber was zipping around in exotic cars and showing off his expensive watch collection, the pop star was born into a less-than-ideal situation. Justin was born to teen mom Pattie Mallette. With few options and little support, Pattie turned to a home for troubled and pregnant girls in their native Ontario, Canada.

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Justin’s father, Jeremy Jack Bieber, and Pattie had an on-again-and-off-again relationship. The rocky romance left Pattie to raise Justin alone. Little did they know what was in store for their baby!

Famous Family

In contrast to future-husband Justin Bieber’s early life, Hailey Baldwin seemed to have a rather cushiony upbringing. She was always destined for stardom! Look no further than her famous family tree.

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Her father is actor Stephen Baldwin (yes, a member of the famous Baldwin acting clan). Her mother, Kennya Deodato Baldwin, is a Brazilian graphic designer whose father is Eumir Deodato, an iconic Brazilian musician.

Music First

While future-wife Hailey was living the good life with a famous father, Justin’s family was struggling to make ends meet. As a single mom, Justin’s mother Pattie depended on public assistance and lived below the poverty level.

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Though they were struggling financially, Pattie made sure to nurture her young son’s interest in music — a move that would certainly pay off in the future. She used whatever money she had to pay for lessons for him to learn to sing, play drums, and play the guitar. Even though he was still young, Pattie knew Justin had musical talent.

Hailey Baldwin, Ballerina?

Like her future spouse, Hailey also displayed artistic talent. Seeing her uncles Alec, Daniel, and William Baldwin in films and television shows made Hailey want to consider a future in the arts. But where should she begin? It turns out that while Justin had a talent for music, Hailey was a talented dancer.


Hailey was classically trained at the American Ballet Theatre School in New York City. Though most of her famous family members were well-known in the acting community and Hollywood, Hailey dreamt about twirling around the stage as a prima ballerina. 

Thanks, Mom!

Talented, but trapped in a small town, Justin would often busk in front of the Avon Theatre in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. There, he would cover rock songs and play his guitar. In 2007, he took part in a local singing competition — a move that would change his life forever.

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Justin’s mom recorded his performance and uploaded the video to YouTube. The videos quickly got thousands of views and caught the attention of famous record executive and talent agent, Scooter Braun. Scooter invited the young teen to Atlanta to record some demos, and the rest is history!

Usher-ing Justin Into the Spotlight

While in Atlanta recording demos with Scooter Braun, Justin was introduced to R&B and pop legend Usher (you know the RnB singer famous for singing “Yeah!”). Impressed by the teen’s obvious talent, Usher helped to get Justin signed to a recording contract at just 13-years-old!

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Not even old enough to drive, his music video for the single “One Time” dropped on YouTube and received millions of views. Once Justin dropped “Baby” (arguably his most popular song to date) a tsunami of new fans emerged, dubbed the “Beliebers.” Unless you were living under a sound-proofed rock, you couldn’t escape “Baby” being blasted on every speaker within hearing distance.

Meet Cute!

Almost overnight, Justin Bieber had hordes of Belieber fans lining up to meet him. Standing in one of those lines was none other than his future wife, Hailey. In 2009, the teen found herself waiting in line with her dad, Stephen Baldwin, to meet the singer after his performance on the “TODAY show.”


Stephen helped introduce the two in a now-viral video that recently emerged. Hailey later explained that her grumpy face in the video was because she didn’t know too much about him. Or maybe she was just embarrassed that her dad was a Belieber?

We Meet Again

After meeting in 2009, the young stars would meet up again in 2011 when dad Stephen Baldwin and Hailey attended the premiere of Justin’s documentary “Never Say Never” in New York City. Though their initial meeting may have been lukewarm, their bond slowly grew thanks once again to their parents.

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Hailey’s parents invited Justin and his mother for dinner and later, a bowling outing. Justin’s mother and Hailey’s dad, both born-again Christians, instantly connected over their faith, a connection that would help bring their children together too.

Friendship First

Seems that even world-famous pop stars can get friend-zoned. Ha Ha! Hailey revealed to talk show host Jimmy Fallon that she initially wasn’t too excited about spending time with the ‘Biebs because she didn’t really know him.

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Their friendship blossomed when they both started attending the same church years later. Though Justin was Hailey’s “best guy friend”, romantic sparks hadn’t started flying… yet.

Dance Dreams Dashed

Poised to become a ballerina, Hailey’s dancing dreams were shattered when she suffered a foot injury that jeopardized her career. However, she managed to pivot (yes that is a ballet pun) into a modeling career instead. Ah, the things winning the genetic lottery will do for you.

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Initially, you could’ve called Hailey a bit of a video vixen. She got her modeling start by appearing as Cody Simpson’s romantic interest in his music video for “On My Mind” followed by a part in French singer Baptiste Giabiconi’s cover of “Love to Love You Baby.” Like her famous family members, Hailey knew her destiny was in front of the camera.

First Love

Trying to play it coy, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber didn’t go public as a couple until 2011 — much to the heartache of Beliebers everywhere. For the next few years, the two would have one of the most talked-about on-and-off relationships in Hollywood.

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For a while, it seemed that Jelena (a puke-inducing nickname given to the famous couple by their fans) would last forever. With talk about marriage and even children, it’s no wonder that fans of the couple believe that the two were soul mates and that no one could match the love Justin felt for Selena.

Boy Gone Wild

With international fame and millions of fans, Justin Bieber had gone from small-town talent shows to selling out arenas. But with that sudden fame and money pouring in came a variety of personal and legal problems.

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Soon, tabloid stories emerged about Justin’s bad behavior. The reports included drag-racing in Miami Beach, scandals involving fathering a lovechild, using illegal substances, and even bringing a pet monkey (seriously!) to an airport. Though fans stuck with their idol through his darkest period, music critics wondered whether or not the star’s personal life would overtake his musical career.

Model Citizen

With Justin’s career soaring, Hailey’s career also took off when she signed with the prestigious New York-based agency, Ford Models. Soon, Hailey was appearing on the cover of some of the biggest fashion publications like “V,” ” I-D,” “LOVE,” and “Tatler” magazines.

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Shortly after, she appeared in a fashion campaign for the brand French Connection and walked the runways for Topshop and designer Sonia Rykiel. Hailey became an in-demand model. Not only was she popular on the runways, but she has become known as the “it girl” when it comes to street fashion and effortless-glam style.

Jelena No More

Though they had broken up and rekindled their relationship more times than fans could count, by 2014 it seemed that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had finally gone their separate ways. Though fans hoped it would be a temporary break, in the fall of 2014, Hollywood’s favorite young couple officially confirmed their breakup.

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Later that year, however, Justin uploaded a series of photos to his Instagram starring a very friendly face — Hailey Baldwin. Though he insisted the two were vacationing as friends, fans knew better…

New Year, New Love

By 2015, Justin and Hailey seemed inseparable. From romantic dinners to steamy vacations, the pair kept fans on their toes with their PDA-filled social media posts and paparazzi shots. Their bond was so strong that the two even got matching tattoos of the letter “G” to honor the daughter of the pastor of the church that they both attend.

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Their hot and heavy relationship continued to dominate headlines into early 2016. Though fans of the singer were happy Justin had moved on, some fans just couldn’t help but miss Jelena.

Are They or Aren’t They?

Early 2016 was full of racy pictures of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin canoodling across different countries (seriously, do these guys ever just stay home?). Though sources told news outlets like “E! News” that their relationship was “more of just a fling,” fans were hoping that it was the real deal.


From Super Bowl parties to vacationing in the Caribbean, the two were photographed everywhere. Things were made even more confusing when, in an interview with “GQ magazine,” Justin referred to Hailey as “someone I really love,” adding, “We spend a lot of time together.”

Playing Coy

Though pictures and videos starring the couple started circulating, it seemed that Hailey didn’t want to confirm their relationship status … yet. Hot off the heels of Justin’s revealing interview, Hailey told “E! News,” “We are not an exclusive couple. He’s about to go on tour.”

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Hopes for an official confirmation of a relationship were further dashed when Hailey revealed, in an interview with “Marie Claire” magazine, “It’s hard to date somebody in this industry. You have to have really thick skin and be very strong.” Perhaps Hailey was predicting the future issues that the high-profile couple would soon have to deal with.

Drama Drama Drama

Though Hailey and Justin started the year off with some smooch-filled social media posts, signs soon emerged that not everything is as it seems. It turns out that while the pair confirmed that they were dating, they were not exclusive (making fans go “huh?”).

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By the fall of 2016, Hailey and Justin were no longer following each other on Instagram. Fans were furious when he began showing off his new girlfriend, model Sofia Richie, on social media. The move even provoked the rage of ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, who (very publicly) told him to keep his relationship private. Ouch!

Hailey Moves On

While ex-boyfriend Justin caught flak for his high-profile new romance with Sofia Richie, Hailey’s love life also took front and center. The model was linked to rapper Drake who was even suspiciously spotted wearing a necklace with the letter “H.” Subtle, we know.

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Still, in a feud with Justin, the two focused on dating other celebrities and by the spring of 2017, Hailey started dating NBA player Jordan Clarkson. Later that year, she was photographed with YouTube Influencer and model Cameron Dallas. Meanwhile, in the fall of that year, Justin and Selena were spotted together once again causing Jelena (we can’t get over how bad this name is) fans to rejoice.

Blast From the Past

We all know how hard it is to let go of an ex, especially for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. After calling it quits years before, the two were suddenly spotted together in 2017. From hockey games to church outings, the two seemed stronger than ever.

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Selena was even the “plus one” at Justin’s father, Jeremy Bieber’s marriage ceremony in February of 2018. Though things seemed to be going well, rumors swirled that their rekindled romance had created tension between Selena and her mother who apparently didn’t approve of their relationship due to Justin’s wild lifestyle. Well, to quote a Bieber hit “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone.”

Hailey’s New Musical Match

While Jelena (*cringes*) were busy making headlines with their relationship, Hailey was also getting attention for her love life. In late 2017, she started dating pop star and heartthrob Shawn Mendes. The photogenic duo was spotted getting cuddly in his hometown of Toronto over the holiday season (yes, she dated yet another Canadian singer! Maybe she has a type, eh?).


The two made their stylish debut at the 2018 Met Gala where they walked the red carpet together. Things got a bit confusing when Shawn later told “Rolling Stone” magazine that their relationship was “more of a zone of limbo” making us all scratch our heads.

A Rekindled Romance

Between 2016 and early 2018, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber didn’t speak according to the model. Hailey later recalled their awkward relationship (or lack thereof) as a time with “a lot of weirdness that went on.” She even reveals that the two stars couldn’t bear to be in the same room together. Ouch!

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Thankfully, in the summer of 2018, the two were spotted together in Miami and later in New York City. With his relationship with Selena Gomez practically over, the timing seemed right for Justin to pursue a new romance, especially with a familiar face.

Bold in the Big Apple

No longer hiding the fact that they’re dating, Justin and Hailey put on quite the show for the paparazzi with pictures and video of the two walking the streets of New York City. A video even emerged of the two romantically kissing in a park in Brooklyn.

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Though they didn’t officially confirm their relationship, with so many images of the two together it seemed pretty obvious. Talk about strategic PDA — you know, “Paparazzi Displays of Affection.”

Tropical Turning Point

While romantic vacations weren’t a new thing for perpetually-vacationing Justin and Hailey, their trip to the Bahamas in the summer of 2018 changed their lives. In July, “TMZ” reported that patrons of a Bahamian resort’s restaurant were asked to put their phones away “because something special was about to happen.”


That something special was Justin proposing to Hailey. Justin’s father pretty much confirmed the rumor by posting a picture of his son with the caption, “proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!” News of the engagement spread like wildfire, simultaneously breaking Beliebers’ hearts around the world once again.

It’s Instagram Official!

It seemed like there was only one thing left for the millennial couple to do — officially confirm the rumors on their social media pages. If it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen? Justin went first, posting a photo of the two with a long caption where he confirmed their engagement and how he looks forward to their future together.


Hailey also wrote her own long and romantic post telling her fiancé, “Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with!” That would get a double-tap from us. We’re talking about an Instagram like, people!

Last-Minute Dash for a Diamond

With his glamorous life and headline-grabbing lifestyle, we were surprised to learn that Justin very traditionally asked Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, for permission to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. After receiving Stephen’s blessing, he went ring shopping at New York City’s Solow & Co.

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Justin knew that he wanted a ring that would accentuate Hailey’s hands and incredible style. After the ring was chosen and customized, jeweler Jack Solow hand-delivered the bling to Justin’s apartment in New York the same morning they were set to depart to the Bahamas. Talk about pressure!

That Ring!

As one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood, Justin Bieber had no problem going all out when it came to picking Hailey’s engagement ring. The enormous ring features an oval-shaped diamond between 6-10 carats. Though the couple hasn’t confirmed the exact cost of the large sparkler, the ring is estimated to have cost $500,000!

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Cost aside, Justin knew this was the perfect ring because according to jeweler Jack Solow, when he looked at the diamond he said, “I think I see Hailey’s face.” Aww!

Congrats to the Couple

Following their quick engagement, and PDA-heavy pics, it seemed like everyone had something to say. While many celebrities posted generic well-wishes on the couple’s social media pages, fans were interested in what Justin and Hailey’s famous exes had to say.

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When rumors spread that Shawn Mendes wasn’t over his model ex, the singer stated that he texted Hailey “congrats” and that “I think everybody wants there to be more, there’s not.” While Selena Gomez didn’t publicly comment on the singer’s new relationship status, her assistant shared a pic of the singer looking particularly unfazed. Hmm….

Uncle Knows Best

The Baldwin family is notoriously tight-knit, and Hailey’s relationship with uncle Alec Baldwin is no different. When asked about his niece’s new engagement while at the Toronto Film Festival, the “30 Rock” actor advised Hailey to focus on spending time together and on their relationship.

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He also mentioned how he has declined certain roles which would have required him to be away from his family. Upon hearing her uncle’s advice, the model agreed, saying, “I want to have the time to spend being relaxed and being with family — and my fiancé.” Seems like good advice!

Fast Fiancé

After a light-speed engagement, fans wondered if their favorite star was moving a bit too fast. Those fears were confirmed when paparazzi photos emerged of Justin Bieber looking emotional in front of Hailey’s apartment in Brooklyn. Justin seemed emotionally distressed even after his fiancée tried to console him.

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Then Justin was spotted carrying a copy of “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller, further fuelling marriage mishap rumors. Justin later took to social media where he assured fans in a video, “You’ve got good days and you got bad days.” We completely agree!

The Wedding Is on

Shortly after their engagement, the couple was spotted checking out venues and meeting with potential pastors who would officiate the ceremony. Actress Kim Basinger, who was once married to Hailey’s uncle Alec Baldwin, confirmed that Hailey’s sister Alaia and her cousin Ireland (Kim’s daughter with Alec) would both be at the wedding.

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In an interview with fashion publication “The Cut,” Hailey talked about what her dream wedding would look like. She acknowledged that while the two are quite young, she didn’t see the need to wait. She said, “When you know it’s right, it’s right.” We would argue that that’s right maybe 50% of the time. Call us pessimists!

The Secret’s Out

While in New York, tabloids reported that Justin and Hailey were spotted walking into a courthouse. According to witnesses, they went to the marriage bureau where marriage licenses are issued and the two seemed very emotional.

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Yet despite all of these reports, Hailey took to Twitter to assure fans that despite her and Justin being seen at the marriage bureau, the two haven’t tied the knot (suuure!). Things get even more confusing when Hailey’s uncle, Alec Baldwin, told “Access Hollywood,” “They just went off and got married. They went ahead and did it without listening to anyone.”

A British Honeymoon?

After a witness at the marriage bureau in New York apparently overheard Justin and Hailey talking about an overseas trip, rumors of a destination wedding began to spread. The rumors continued to snowball when Justin and Hailey were spotted packing on the PDA across London.

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At one point on the romantic trip, Justin even picked up a guitar and started serenading his possible wife as he busked on the streets of the city. With Hailey being American and Justin being Canadian, fans wouldn’t have been surprised if they got married across the pond.

Coming Clean

After months of speculation, Justin and Hailey decided to set the record straight about what actually happened that day in the courthouse. In mid-November, Justin uploaded a picture of Hailey and him walking with the caption, “My wife is awesome.” It’s what Millenials like to call a “soft launch.” It refers to when you confirm your relationship status with your Insta followers without making that big of a deal about it. Well played Biebers, well played.


In case that wasn’t enough to send his fans into a frenzy, Hailey changed the name of her social media page to “@haileybieber” to signal her official status as “Mrs. Bieber.” After dropping her famous last name for an even more famous one, Hailey mentioned that using her new name was, “definitely strange, it takes adjusting.”

First Thanksgiving

One of the most defining moments for a new couple is navigating major holidays, and Justin and Hailey are no different. Though as a Canadian, Justin celebrates Thanksgiving in October, he decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in November as per Hailey’s American tradition. So sweet!


The two hosted Thanksgiving for both sides of their families in a lavish feast that they shared pictures of on social media. November was also a special month as Hailey got to celebrate her first birthday as a married woman. Fans adored the #CoupleGoal videos and pictures of the two celebrating alongside their families.

Baby Bieber?!

Though the two newlyweds assured fans that they wouldn’t be having any little Biebers anytime soon, they did decide to expand their family with a little furry addition — a puppy named Oscar. The couple showed off their adorable pooch in a series of social media posts resulting in a collective “awww” on the internet.


Referred to as their “dogson,” the puppy was heavily featured in social media videos by Justin and Hailey. With millions of likes (no, seriously, one video has surpassed five million likes!), fans can’t wait to see the couple become parents for real.

Save the Date!

Though Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were now legally married, the two wanted to have a religious ceremony and wedding party with their friends and family. The two had repeatedly mentioned how important their shared faith is, specifically in terms of having brought them back together, so it was important for them to have a religious ceremony.


Save-the-date cards were sent out for a wedding to take place in late February of 2019, but that date was then changed, leaving fans confused and speculating as to what the holdup was.

Trouble Already?

Married less than a year, tabloid reports soon emerged and rumors swirled about Justin and Hailey’s marriage being in trouble. The rumors were further supported by a jaw-droppingly revealing interview in “Vogue” magazine by the couple in February 2019.

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In the interview, Justin talked about the difficulties the two often have when it comes to communication or expressing their emotions. While Hailey revealed that she has difficulty dealing with the negativity of people on social media who are hoping their marriage ends. She told the interviewer, “The thing is, marriage is very hard.” Yikes!

Taking a Break

With rumors of their union collapsing, Hailey assures fans that the news about her husband’s depression negatively affecting their marriage was not true. But just a week after Hailey told fans, “Don’t believe what ya read on the internet folks,” her husband, Justin Bieber made a shocking announcement.

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He told his fans that he would be taking a break from the music industry to focus on his “deep-rooted issues” so that he could, “sustain my marriage and be the father I want to be.” Fans began to wonder if the couple is going to stay together.

Justin Reveals That He Still Loves Selena!

Jelena, that’s enough! Since the breakup between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, Selena’s super-fans have spread wild rumors in hopes that Jelena would get back together. Unfortunately, Justin added fuel to that fire when his well-intended social media post backfired.

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In March of 2019, trolls commented that the “Yummy” singer wasn’t really in love with his wife but just married her to “get back” at his famous ex. This outrageous accusation prompted Justin to launch into an Instagram tirade, writing that while he “absolutely loved and love Selena” he’s “head over heels“ in love with Hailey. Crisis averted!

Bling It on

Though there was much media coverage of Hailey’s massive diamond engagement ring, the large stunner was apparently not enough jewelry for the model. In the summer of 2019, the couple paid a visit to the luxury jewelry house, Cartier, where the singer bought his wife a ring.


After consulting with the sales staff at the Beverly Hills store, they decided on a silver Cartier Love band, at around $1,000. Hailey, not ready to stop showing off her engagement ring, was seen wearing both beautiful pieces of jewelry as rumors continued to swirl about their marriage problems.

Fresh Ink for a Fresh Start

Like her husband, Hailey Bieber has a thing for tattoos. In August 2019, fans noticed that she was sporting a new tattoo of a word on her neck. Though Hailey had uploaded a video of her recent ringer and hand tattoos, she didn’t give fans a look at her neck tattoo.

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Weeks later, Dr. Woo, tattoo artist to the stars, uploaded a clear and up-close picture of Hailey’s new ink. She got the word “lover” spelled out in delicate cursive letters — a pet name she and her husband Justin use for one another.

Wedding Date Confirmed

After a reported four attempts (!) to plan a wedding ceremony and party, in August 2019, celebrity gossip outlet “TMZ” shared that Justin and Hailey planned to wed in a South Carolina venue in September. The couple sent out colorful comic-book-themed save-the-date cards complete with an animated version of the couple.


Many didn’t understand why the couple decided on the Montage Palmetto Bluff, a luxury resort in South Carolina. It later turned out that Justin was familiar with the resort’s Laguna Beach California sister property and the couple fell in love after touring the Southern venue.

No Such Thing as Too Much Praise

In September of 2019, Justin shared an unedited photo of his wife wearing no makeup with the caption “No Makeup. Like What??” While most people could only wish to look that flawless without a bit of help, the internet trolls were not having it.


Commenters accused the “Sorry” singer of trying too hard to prove that he loves his wife. Justin immediately defended his public praise of Hailey by writing, “I’m not forcing it down anyone’s throat” and compared the sweet posts to the romantic songs he writes about his wife.

Time to Party!

Though they may get invited to some of the most exclusive soirees in the world, celebrity brides look forward to their bachelorette parties as much as the next person. Calling on celebrity best friends like Kendall Jenner, Hailey decided to celebrate her last few nights as a single woman.


Hailey chose to wear a short white dress from the brand Oh Polly, topped with a short veil and a matching white handbag. The raucous party included dinner and bar hopping along with hilarious and suggestively shaped straws and hats — all of which were captured on social media.


Once in South Carolina, Hailey and Justin had to coordinate their celebrity-filled wedding ceremony. As per tradition, the couple invited guests to a rehearsal dinner at the resort’s boat-only-accessible Palmetto property. Photographers caught the couple getting cozy in their water taxi, even indulging in a bit of dirty dancing!


Hailey wore another short white dress by designer the lateVivienne Westwood while her husband wore a white polo and black pants. After taking water taxis to the exclusive venue, guests enjoyed their candle-lit dinner under the stars. Guests dined at the resort’s upscale BBQ restaurant, Cole’s before the big day.

Fun Before the Big Day

While Justin and Hailey’s wedding was undeniably chic, the couple still managed to put their own fun spin on the celebration. The night before the event, the couple invited wedding guests to watch the romantic tear-jerker, “The Notebook.” What a cliche!


The night turned into a mix between an amazing sleepover and a carnival with ice cream, bowling, a dance party, and even camp-time favorite, capture the flag. If that wasn’t enough fun, things got pretty crazy when at around 1 AM, guests were given water guns for an epic water fight.

The Off-White Wedding Dress

As one of the biggest models in the fashion industry, there was no shortage of renowned designers vying to dress Hailey Bieber. Ultimately, she decided to wear a custom-designed dress by the late “Off-White” fashion designer, Virgil Abloh. The backless and off-the-shoulder gown featured lace accents and a veil with the words “Till death do us part” embroidered onto it.


According to fashion magazine “The Cut,” the design of Hailey’s dress wasn’t finalized until closer to the wedding date. No stranger to fashion himself, groom Justin wore an elegant tux by Hedi Slimane for Celine.

The Venue

Shortly before the big ceremony, guests were informed that the three-day-long celebration would be taking place at the exclusive Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. The 20,000-acre riverside luxury resort was carefully decorated and orchestrated by the celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss.

Getty Images Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Kohl s

White seemed to be the color theme with tables being decked out in white candles and flowers, while the walls were covered in white drapery. The loving couple exchanged their vows in front of 154 of their closest guests in the resort’s Somerset Chapel.

Say Yess to the Dress(es)

With so many designers available, Hailey decided to turn the wedding into her very own fashion show with a reported four dresses being worn over the course of the celebration.


Aside from her Virgil Abloh dress that she wore during the reception, she also wore a Vivienne Westwood minidress for her rehearsal dinner, a Ralph & Russo halterneck dress, and a Vera Wang slinky slip dress that she wore with sneakers to tear up the dance floor. In addition to her sneakers, she wore Jimmy Choo sandals and was draped in jewels by Tiffany & Co.

Bling Upgrade

Though she made news with her large reportedly half-a-million-dollar ring, Hailey’s jewelry collection got another serious upgrade. Hailey now sports two rings from famed jewelry house, Tiffany & Co. — the Soleste ring and Soleste V-ring which sandwiches her huge Solow & Co. engagement ring.


The two new rings are made of 18- karat gold and pavé diamonds. Not to be outdone, Justin also got some new bling for the occasion. The singer wore an Audemars Piguet watch and new grills (seriously). Like his wife’s ring, Justin settled on a simple 18-karat gold wedding band also from Tiffany & Co.

Gaudy Guests

Hailey and Justin’s wedding was always going to be packed to the brim with famous faces. Just some of the notable stars that made an appearance included Kris Jenner, Usher, Jaden Smith, country duo Dan and Shay, Joan Smalls, Camila Morrone, and Kendall Jenner!


However, it was Kylie Jenner (of the Kardashian-clan fame) who got people talking. Her rather…revealing…golden gown was so attention-grabbing that many thought she was trying to upstage the bride. Not cool, Kylie!

A Very Special Musical Guest

With over a decade in the music industry and friends in the form of some of the biggest artists, Justin Bieber knew he wanted someone special for the musical entertainment of his wedding. Justin entrusted frequent collaborator, Grammy Award-winning singer Daniel Caesar to perform the songs “Get You” and “Best Part.”


As per Justin’s request, he also performed a cover of Tim McGraw’s song, “It’s Your Love” — a tune considered by the couple to be their song.”We’re sure that the performance was better than you’re run-of-the-mill wedding band with a lead singer who really can’t hit those high notes. Yet another perk of being a pop star, you’ll book whatever wedding performers you want.

Couple That Shops Together, Stays Together

Not only are Justin and Hailey popular celebrities in the entertainment industry, but the two have their own unique dress sense. The couple is often featured in fashion magazines for their enviable street style and taste in clothes and jewelry. Following their wedding, the couple engaged in a bit of (rather expensive) retail therapy.


Hailey picked up a white gold chain necklace covered in diamonds and estimated to be worth $90,000 for her hubby. Perhaps it was a token of appreciation after Justin bought her a diamond-encrusted watch estimated to have cost him $70,000!

Super-Steamy Fashion Campaign

Though Justin and Hailey are known for their PDA-filled social media posts and paparazzi photos, they took things to a new level with a pretty risque photoshoot for designer Calvin Klein. In the campaign, the underwear-clad couple kiss and dance to EMF’s early ‘90s song, “Unbelievable.”

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The steamy photoshoot and fashion campaign were created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fashion company, particularly their line of intimates (modeled by the newly-wed couple). Though model Hailey is no stranger to stripping down, the revealing photoshoot certainly captured the attention of fans!

Love-less Lyrics

Though the two were broken up, it seemed that Selena Gomez still wasn’t ready to let go emotionally. Shortly after Justin and Hailey’s nuptials, Selena released a single called “Lose You to Love Me,” a thinly-veiled allusion to her on-and-off-again relationship with Justin Bieber.

Getty Images Photo by Scott Dudelson/Coachella

She even took a hit at his quick rebound with Hailey singing, “In two months you replaced us like it was easy.” Ouch! That song was followed by another breakup song, “Look At Her Now,” also full of references to their relationship. Selena’s cryptic lyrics and soundbites from interviews where she commented on her relationship with Justin made tongues wag.

Hailey’s Strange Song Choice

The drama multiplied when Hailey posted on her Instagram story that she was listening to a song called “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker around the same time that Selena’s “Lose You to Love Me” song dropped. Yikes.


Fans suggested that Hailey’s song choice was directed at Selena which in turn spurred a wave of hateful comments to appear on Hailey’s posts. The situation got so bad that Selena actually asked fans to “be kind”. Thankfully, things calmed down and Hailey even “liked” a post of Gomez the next day (In the Insta-world, that’s a big deal).

An Awkward Run-In

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than running into a partner’s ex, especially if they had one of the most publicized relationships in Hollywood. This awkward experience happened when Hailey and Selena Gomez both found themselves at a popular Hollywood hangout, Craig’s.

Getty Images Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Levis & Tibrina Hobson

To make matters worse, or more awkward, Selena was at the restaurant to celebrate her new album, “Rare” — an album full of songs that referenced her infamous breakup with Justin Bieber. Though no one knows what happened when the two women met up, tabloids and fans speculated that the meeting was intentional. Hmmm…

All About Love

For his fifth studio album, “Changes,” Justin used Hailey as the inspiration for many of the album’s tunes. In the song, “All Around Me,” Justin sang that he never expected to change as much as he did, but that “Anything’s possible since you made my heart melt.” Aww! Songs like “Habitual” and “Come Around Me” got even steamier with references to the couple’s love life.

Getty Images Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Justin even referred to Hailey as his muse and the reason behind his self-improvement in the song “Intentions (ft. Quavo)”. Fans couldn’t get enough of the romantic and revealing lyrics! Is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

Justin’s Secret Health Battle

It turns out that while Justin had been open about his struggles with his mental health, he was also suffering from a physical health issue — Lyme disease. After he was spotted with an IV in his arm, fans speculated what was wrong with their favorite singer.

Getty Images Photo by Jason Merritt

In an episode of his YouTube docuseries, “Seasons,” the singer revealed that after a long period of feeling sick, he was finally diagnosed with the disease. Justin also revealed that he suffered from chronic mono. Thankfully, it seems that Justin has managed to make it through.

The Talkshow Host Who Played Cupid

In early 2020, Hailey Bieber sat down with “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon to explain how his show helped spark her relationship with her husband, Justin Bieber. While on the show in 2018, Hailey performed a special “party trick” where she opened a bottle with her teeth.

Getty Images Photo by Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

She explained that after that episode, she received a phone call from a “certain someone” who complimented her appearance and bottle-opening skills. She ended the story by saying, “ I am now married to that certain someone.” We wonder who that “certain someone” could be…

Did She or Didn’t She

In 2020, a viral TikTok video emerged suggesting that Hailey Bieber altered her appearance with plastic surgery. The drama started when Dr. Daniel Barrett, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, posted a video on his TikTok documenting what he suspected Hailey had done to her face.


In the popular video, the social media-savvy surgeon suggested that Hailey had gotten a rhinoplasty, filler in her cheeks and lips, a chin implant, and a skin-tightening procedure — allegations that the genetically-blessed model denied.

The King and Queen of Celebrity PDA

If we’re being honest, it’s pretty hard to find a picture or video footage of Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey without them kissing or canoodling. It does make us feel even MORE single if that was even possible.

Getty Images Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

It turns out, however, that wife Hailey wasn’t always on board with PDA. In a 2020 interview with “Vogue Italia,” Hailey mentions that she initially felt awkward and uncomfortable being in such a high-profile relationship. She even goes so far as to say, “For a long time I couldn’t do it. I didn’t kiss him in public.” Who knew?

Hailey’s Taboo Tattoo

In October of 2020, Hailey decided to add some new body art with the word “Beleza” the Portuguese word for beauty, and a “J” for hubby Justin of course. Fans quickly theorized that the diamond sparkle near the letter “J” must have a connection to the sparkling promise ring that Justin gave Selena Gomez in 2012.


To make matters more awkward, it seemed that Justin still had a tattoo of Selena on his forearm. Though he has made changes to it, the tattoo is still visible — adding more fuel to the Jelena conspiracy theories!

The Thirst Is Real

In late 2020, Justin decided to turn up the heat by sharing a picture of Hailey in an itty-bitty bikini. Under the photo, he wrote “Um r u real” along with several heart emojis. While we understand the man crushing over his wife’s bikini bod, it’s not the first time that the couple has taken their flirting public.


In another post, Hailey commented, “My jaw??? On the floor” on a video of one of Justin’s acoustic performances. Justin responded with a very naughty and innuendo-filled comment that had the entire internet blushing!

Baby Fever for the Biebers?

Justin and Hailey Bieber have been hit with baby rumors since the moment they got married, a move which many people at the time speculated was a shotgun wedding. While there are no Bieber buns in the oven, the two got a chance to really explore parenthood when they spent time with Hailey’s sister, Alaia Baldwin’s newborn baby.


The couple looked like naturals as they cradled the tiny newborn. We must say, we never imagined Justin would be such a baby whisperer.

New Pad

Most people can’t imagine owning one mansion, let alone multiple mansions in the same city! Then again, Justin and Hailey aren’t most people. The two have created quite the real estate portfolio, snatching up several multi-million dollar properties all within Los Angeles.


In 2020, the two closed on a $25.8 million mansion in Beverly Park, an exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills. At 11,000-square-feet, the mansion features seven bedrooms and a whopping ten bathrooms — that’s a lot of bubble baths!

Get Glowing

There are many supposed secrets to keeping a marriage fresh, but it turns out that the Biebers don’t need to rely on fancy lingerie or romantic vacations, these two have found a bond over skincare. Known in the industry for her flawless just-got-back-from-an-exotic-vacation glow, Hailey has used her beauty know-how to help her husband with his skin issues.


She told “Elle” magazine, “I give him all of the tips that I use personally, and I’ve given him products that I use. “ Perhaps it’s the skincare, or maybe it’s the love these two have that has left them both glowing.

Justin Stands Up for Hailey

No one messes with my wife — at least that’s what Justin Bieber believes. The star went on the defensive against a wave of Selena Gomez fans who began bullying his wife, Hailey. The drama began when one of Selena’s fans told other fans to “bombard” Hailey’s social media posts with phrases like “Selena is better.”


The bullying apparently got so bad that Justin called the fan a “sad excuse of a human” and said that the internet troll must have a sad life if they spend their time “trying to make others feel small.” Whoa!

Victim of Bullying

Being young and in the spotlight can result in having millions of eyes on you at all times. It can also result in cruel comments by social media users. Unfortunately, Hailey Bieber has found herself the victim of online bullying and the subject of hateful comments and threats.


She has deleted her Instagram various times and even left Twitter following a barrage of mean-spirited messages. She lamented, “It hurts to be torn apart on the internet,” adding “It hurts to be called names, and to feel like you don’t measure up to a certain standard.” Preach it, Hailey!

Justin Bieber, Le Politicien?

Though Justin has toured Europe many times, his visit in June of 2021 was extra special — he got to tour the city of love with his new wife, Hailey. The two took in the usual sites of the romantic city, all while looking super stylish.


The highlight of their French tour came when they met with the country’s President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte. Considering that Justin attended a bi-lingual (French/English) school when growing up in Canada, we hope he was able to use a bit of his français to impress the politicians! However, what really got tounges wagging was the Bibers’ outfit choice to meet the president. Some were outraged that Hailey wore such a skin-tight and revealing frock, while Justin’s look was just plain sloppy.

Met Gala Debut

After a year of fashion’s biggest celebrity event being postponed, the Met Gala resumed once again in 2021. Walking the red carpet was none other than THE fashion-forward couple, Justin and Hailey Bieber. Hailey wore a slinky low-cut Saint Laurent black dress to honor the event’s theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.”

Alamy Stock Photo

While Hailey’s dress was a fan favorite, rumors quickly spread when her husband Justin was photographed placing his hand on Hailey’s stomach, sending the tabloids into pregnancy speculation turmoil. Though the rumors persisted, sources assured fans that it was just a pose.

Real-Life Internet Trolls

It’s one thing to read mean messages on social media, it’s another thing when those same internet “trolls” or “haters” want to harass you in real life. At the 2021 Met Gala, as Justin and Hailey Bieber were walking the red carpet, they were met with a throng of Selena Gomez fans who chanted “Selena” at the couple.

Getty Image Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The awkward moment quickly went viral on TikTok much to their embarrassment. Thankfully, the couple simply ignored the haters and carried on gracing the red carpet with plenty of smiles and PDA.

The Epic Fight That Went Viral

Being a famous couple can mean that a simple conversation can quickly be construed as a blow-out fight. That was the case for Justin Bieber and wife Hailey when they were recorded having what looked like an epic fight in Las Vegas in the summer of 2021. The video, taken after Justin’s performance, shows the two engaged in a particularly animated conversation.

Getty Images Photo by Denise Truscello

Though witnesses claimed that Justin wasn’t yelling, he was just overcome with adrenaline from his performance, viewers of the viral video disagreed. Once again, news of the couple’s marital issues made headlines.

Hailey Being Treated Poorly?

After a video taken in a hotel in Las Vegas showing the couple speaking in an animated way went viral, Hailey went on Demi Lovato’s podcast, “4D,” to clear the air. She assured fans that their marriage was fine.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur

During her interview on the podcast, the model told host Demi that allegations of mistreatment were part of a false “big fat narrative” and that the singer makes her “feel special every single day.” Judging by the couple’s cavity-inducing sweet messages on social media, we’re going to believe Hailey.

Justin Gets Real

Though Hailey has given many interviews about her marriage, it was time for Justin to open up about his life and relationship with Hailey. In the 2021 issue of “GQ,” cover boy Justin revealed that his first year of marriage with the model was difficult because of his past trauma.

Getty Images Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

He told the magazine that “There was just a lack of trust” and that he initially felt nervous revealing parts of himself to his new wife saying, “You don’t want to scare them off by saying, ‘I’m scared.’” We love a celebrity who’s not afraid of being honest.

Baby on the Way?

In late 2021, the rumor mill went into overdrive when Justin basically confirmed that he and his wife would be trying for a baby by the end of the year. In his documentary, “Justin Bieber: Our World,” he revealed that he wanted to “put my family first and hopefully we squish out a nugget.”


The revealing quote came after an Instagram post of the two which he captioned “mom and dad.” Though Hailey later suggested he change it to “Dog Mom and Dad,” fans were convinced that a baby Bieber was on the way.

Hailey Opens Up About Justin’s Sobriety

Though Justin and Hailey Bieber have always made it a point to be open about their relationship, there were still some things that they tried to keep to themselves…until now. In the fall of 2021, Hailey revealed that she helped her husband Justin to maintain his sobriety.

Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The news came a year after Justin revealed that he used to use illicit substances as an “escape”. Because her own father, actor Stephen Baldwin, struggled with substance abuse, Hailey knew how to support her husband. We’re sure that he’s thankful to have such support in his life.

Hailey’s Health Scare

Though Justin and Hailey have gone through various difficult moments, the couple was faced with the ultimate test when wife Hailey went through a frightening health scare. In March 2022, the model was rushed to the hospital with “stroke-like symptoms”. The symptoms revealed an underlying heart condition that required her to undergo heart surgery.


Thankfully, Hailey has made a full recovery. Justin opened up about his wife’s hospitalization and surgery telling his Denver show fans, “It’s kind of crazy how life randomly throws you curveballs. You can’t really control much”. Talk about scary!

Red Carpet Return

After the scary news about Hailey’s health condition and surgery, Justin and Hailey decided to make their return to the red carpet by attending the 2022 Grammy Awards together. Justin was being nominated for eight Grammys including Album of the year for his album, “Justice.”

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur

Thankfully, Hailey seems to be doing better and is back to her fashionable self. In May, Hailey attended the 2022 Met Gala solo as Justin was hard at work on his next album. Whatever twists and turns come next for this loved-up couple, we “belieb” it will be tantalizing!