Last week, Kate Middleton, the beloved national figure and senior royal, made a brave announcement. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer following abdominal surgery. The news shocked the world, and royal fans sent an outpouring of support to the mother of three.

Throughout the year, there had been countless rumors and speculation about Kate’s health. Conspiracy theorists spun wild tales, making it difficult for the princess to deal with her diagnosis privately. Finally, Kate decided to go public with her diagnosis, hoping that it would put an end to the rumors.

Support for Kate’s Recovery

It is crucial now for Kate to focus on her recovery. Her family is rallying around her, ensuring that she has a strong support network. However, it seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, despite their past connection to the Royal Family, were not informed about Kate’s diagnosis or her public announcement. Reports suggest that the couple learned the news at the same time as the general public.

The Sussexes have distanced themselves from the Royal Family since stepping down from their royal duties and moving to the US. This separation seems to have resulted in a lack of communication between them and the rest of the family. It is unfortunate that they were not offered the opportunity to support Kate during this difficult time.

Meghan and Harry Extend Their Well Wishes

In response to Kate’s announcement, Meghan and Harry released a statement expressing their well wishes for her health and privacy. While Meghan had previously reached out to Kate after her surgery, it appears that the couple is not being trusted with any detailed information about the Princess of Wales’s health.

It is our hope that Kate Middleton will now be given the chance to rest and recover on her own terms. We send our heartfelt support to her and her family during this challenging time. Please leave a comment if you are a fan of the Princess of Wales.