Over the Rainbow remains a beloved song, cherished by millions of people across generations. Originally written for the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, by composer Harold Arlen and lyricist Yip Harburg, this iconic piece of music has transcended its original purpose.

One of the most treasured renditions of this timeless classic came from Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, a Hawaiian vocalist who delivered a heartfelt performance on his beloved ukulele during a late-night session in 1988.

Recording engineer Milan Bertosa recalled a memorable encounter with Kamakawiwo’ole. In the middle of the night, he received a call from a man looking to record a song. “And in walks the largest human being I had seen in my life,” Bertosa said. “Then I put up some microphones, do a quick sound check, roll tape, and the first thing he does is ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ He played and sang, one take, and it was over.”

Over the years, the song’s enduring beauty has led to its inclusion in numerous films and performances.

However, when it comes to performing this masterpiece live, many artists shy away from it due to the technical demands and special vocal abilities it requires. Delivering the song in a way that does justice to its original beauty can be quite challenging.

But every now and then, a remarkable talent emerges to captivate us with their rendition. One such unforgettable moment was when 11-year-old Anna took the stage on The Voice Kids. With her stunning performance, Anna not only captured the attention of the judges, but also stole the hearts of everyone who witnessed her powerful voice and unwavering confidence.

Anna’s angelic voice and undeniable star quality left no doubt that she was destined for greatness. Her performance was truly mesmerizing.

Don’t miss out on this awe-inspiring moment. Watch Anna’s breathtaking performance in the video below.