Tammy Slaton, star of 1000-Lb Sisters, says she’s found the one.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Announces She’s Found The One

Tammy Slaton of reality television has previously been connected to Phillip, also referred to as the “BBW King.” Slaton stated on a “1000-Lb Sisters” episode that she ended their relationship because he couldn’t handle her fears in accordance with the Cheat Sheet.

She also stated that after the separation, Phillip wouldn’t leave her alone and that she had to call the police to get him to stop calling.

Fans immediately started speculating about what went wrong between the TLC star and the BBW King after their breakup. Fans believed that the couple wasn’t actually dating and that Phillip was taking advantage of her status, according to the U.S. Sun.

Her breakup with him was also welcomed by her followers, who wanted her to put more of an emphasis on her own needs than her romantic relationships.

The assertions that the connection wasn’t genuine were supported by the comments made by the mother of Phillip’s children. She said to TvShowsAce that the BBW King was the one who dumped Slaton, telling Phillip to “leave his family” for a romance that was “strictly” for TikTok.

She added that Slaton was the one who insisted on contacting Phillip nonstop. But despite all of the drama from prior relationships, the TLC actress eventually discovered her true love.

Relationships haven’t always gone smoothly for Tammy Slaton. After a very brief romance with Joshua Douglas ended, Screen Rant reports that fans believed he used the TLC star for fame.

Additionally, her friendship with Jerry Sykes turned out to be unhealthy because he fed Slaton’s appetites. Even more surprising was the fact that he was married and had seven kids.

But it appears like Caleb Willingham is the perfect match for the reality television star. She said to People, “You all knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now you’ll all know me as Mrs.

Tammy Willingham.” “I’m now married!” The “1000-Lb Sisters” star reportedly met her spouse at a treatment facility in Ohio, which is also where they had their wedding.

And it appears that the newlyweds’ pals are overjoyed for them. They can relate to many of the same challenges, a source told the U.S. Sun. They have been each other’s biggest supporters in rehab, which is fantastic. The insider continued, “They are happy that Slaton actually met Caleb while they were both in recovery.”