The Royal House is about to be shaken by a massive new scandal.

The surprising revelation about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  A Netflix documentary will air soon, according to a source close to the issue.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly pushing Netflix bosses to postpone the £88 million show.

In reaction to criticism of the most recent season of The Crown, the couple reportedly planned to postpone the disputed TV show, which was supposed to depict their “love story,” until 2023.

However, it has since been reported that the highly anticipated program will not be delayed and will instead air in December.

According to a source, “the documentary series is still running later this year.”

Netflix has not yet confirmed the official release date.

It comes following reports that the Sussexes documentary series has been delayed until 2023.

“They’re rattled at Netflix, and they chose to postpone the documentary first,” a source said.

The Netflix series’ writers have also claimed that several of Harry’s assertions in his biography contradict those he has made on camera.

The Sun previously reported that, following the death of the Queen, Harry was seeking to make last-minute changes to his £35 million book because he felt certain chapters needed “refining” and were “insensitive.”

Many aspects of the program contradicted what Harry had written (in his book), another source said.

Following that, Harry and Meghan made significant requests, including the removal of content they had generated for their own project.

King Charles, Camilla, and Prince William are among the other royals said to have been discussed in Harry and Meghan’s documentary, which was produced by acclaimed US documentary director Liz Garbus.

Late updates, according to reports, are undesirable since they necessitate translation into other languages.

“Netflix needs a couple of months to finish all of the formatting and dubbing, subtitling, and audio so it can launch,” one source stated.

According to The Sun, Harry and Meghan have been secretly working on a year-long reconciliation with the Royal Family, but only after the release of their contentious memoir and Netflix series.

They have been chastised for their “arrogant” and “deluded” assumption that they can regain support after accusing Oprah Winfrey of racism and criticizing the King’s parenting abilities.

According to sources, Harry and Meghan have never insulted the Queen, but they have decided to modify their memoir and television program since they are both too critical of the new King and Queen Consort.

Before seeking to mend relations with the royal family again, Harry and Meghan saw the book and documentary series as an opportunity to unleash one final attack.

According to a source, “2023 is supposed to be the year of their reunion.”

The pair are said to have avoided criticizing the Queen out of respect for the monarch.

However, it is said that if any of their so-called truth bombs are dropped on the future King and Queen, any attempts at reconciliation will be blocked.