She is currently one of the most well-known artists in the world. She was so innocent, though, as her father held her. How similar they both look!

You can tell it’s a father and daughter just by glancing at the picture. The attitude, the lips, and the eyes all hint at the two people’s connection. But who could it be?

You correctly guessed that the baby should be roughly 50 years old based on the father’s haircut.

What if we tell you that this baby will one day rank among the top singers in the world? Additional to that, an actress.

Find out that it’s none other than Jennifer Lopez, who is now a mother, if you haven’t already guessed.

The artist recently shared the image in honor of Father’s Day Instagram.

The celebrity also wrote on social media in a tearful tone, “Daddy, there aren’t words to express how much you mean to me… You have my everlasting love, in every way!”

To all the beautiful fathers who spend every day with their kids around the world! More than you may realize, you are loved, needed, and cherished. We are happy for you today!

Along with her sisters Leslie and Lynda, Jennifer Lopez was raised in the Bronx by her parents David and Guadalupe. She gives both of her parents the same amount of attention, despite the fact that they divorced after 33 years of marriage.

The star’s father, David Lopez, is more reserved than Jennifer Lopez’s mother and sisters, who are more frequently in the public eye. But he went along with the artist on many significant occasions.

Jennifer has accompanied David Lopez to numerous movie premieres, the grand opening of her Las Vegas home, and the ceremony to get a star on the illustrious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jennifer Lopez has occasionally stepped in to protect her father from defamation. After numerous conversations about her father’s beliefs, the artist made some comments in 2007.

“For 20 years, my father has been a Scientologist. It seems weird to me that people want to put him in a poor light because he is the best man I have ever known,” she stated at the time.