What a stunning wife Andrea Bocelli has! She is 25 years younger than him!

Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti have a lovely and true love story despite their significant age differences. The tenor stated in an interview that even though they have been legally married since 2014, “the marriage essentially begun the moment they’ve met.”

You can tell how much she adores him by looking at all of their interactions. Everyone can sense the sincerity of the sentiments that tie them together.

Veronica Berti, 36, and Andrea Bocelli, 61, first met in 2002 while attending a party together.

Andrea Bocelli was already divorced, while Veronica was only 18 years old. The tenor said that he never started a relationship so fast, adding that “we moved together in the same night.”

At the Madonna di Montenero Sanctuary in Tuscany, Italy, Andrea and Veronica finally united their destinies in 2014 after several years of dating.

Currently living in Tuscany, the pair has been actively committed in fund-raising for COVID-19 victims.

The two were recently photographed by the paparazzi in Saint Tropez relaxing and enjoying the lovely weather. They were seen in pictures with other family members on a yacht. Veronica, who is 36 years old, was also photographed while wearing a bathing suit.

Andrea Bocelli disclosed that he had coronavirus when she visited Cisanello Hospital at the end of May to donate plasma.

The Italian singer admitted the test was positive on March 10, but he withheld the information from the general public at the time to make sure his fans won’t worry.